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International Innovation Ecosystem

Innoloft China aggregates innovators all over the world in an innovation ecosystem of connected regional platforms, creating an open and transparent platform beyond regions, languages and private networks of communication and cooperation for all innovators.


In the international innovaion Ecosystem, startups are given the opportunity to present their products and ideas, including automated matching with investors, partners and customers.

Public organisations:

In addition, public organisations and industry institutes have the opportunity to make presentations to showcasing their services,policies and requests for procurements and projects.


Companies can inform themselves about innovative inspiration,international Technology trend,as well as potential solution partners and contact them directly via the platform.

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Industry focus of our startups

For startups:
Customer and partner acquisition

Innoloft Innovation Ecosystem supports you in obtaining leads to potential customers and finding suitable investors.

  • Automated and continuous matching to customers,cooperation partners and investors internationally
  • Direct contact to many international corporates directly via the platform
  • Insight into Open Innovation applications from numerous corporates

For companies and public organisations:
Innovation, Startups & Talents Scouting

Innoloft Innovation Ecosystem supports you with individual innovation, startups & talents scouting. Get information on innovation, startups and talents systematically throughout the international innovation ecosystem.

  • Automated and continuous matching to innovation providers
  • Direct contact to many international startups directly via the platform
  • Insight into funding or partnering applications from numerous international startups

Selected Coporates

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